Markel Corp (NYSE:MKL)

Markel Corporation is an insurance company, and a well run one at that. I have talk about insurance previously in my Amlin article so this article just goes straight into the facts. Markel has increased book value by a compounded 11.6% annually for the last 10 years, and sells at a price to book ratio of just 1.2

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H&T Group (LSE:HAT)

I was back in my hometown of Sheffield last week and one thing that struck me was how the high street has changed. Rows of empty shops, new small businesses everywhere and lots of pawn shops. It made me think of a post on Expecting Value on H&T Group and so I decided to look at the business myself.

I’m not going into detail as EV already did a good job of writing up the company, but this is a summary of my thoughts on it. I like the business model of pawn-broking, and recently purchased a second hand games console from one so know they can offer good value for money even competing with the likes of Ebay and Amazon.

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