Looking for beta testers

For the last couple of years I have been trying to set up a new way for investors to quickly and easily analyze stocks. I know of a lot of online platforms that provide information like summary financial statements already, but none have the level of customization that I think is necessary for an investor. I wanted to set up a completely customizable spreadsheet that an investor could personalise to analyze stocks however they want to, and that would populate with reliable data on any stock at the click of a button. Moreover I wanted to provide this analytical tool cheaper than you can get elsewhere on the web. I have now almost realized this vision, and I have what I believe is an invaluable analysis tool, the only thing left now is to see if other people agree, and to test it out for real. That is where I need the help of my readers.

I need volunteers to use this spreadsheet to analyze stocks and give me their feedback on it. There is nothing in particular I will require from you, simply use it as you see fit and give me any comments you have. This is what I have to offer to any would be testers…

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A brief tale of 1937

The western world is finally ‘recovering’ from the greatest recession since the 1930s. Many parallels have been drawn with the 1929 crash over the last few years, including politicians citing ‘lessons learnt’ from how lawmakers reacted in the 1930s and why this time, it’s different. We are now 6 years since the bottom of the stock market crash in 2009, and an unprecedented amount of money has been added to the economy, with little overall impact on inflation. I usually don’t focus too much on the macro when it comes to investing, but I find a brief look back to 1937 tells an interesting tale and may give us a clue as to what the future holds.

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