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Not long ago I shared a spreadsheet which pulled financial data on UK companies, here it is in case you missed it.

I said I’d been looking at a version for the US and promised to release it. Well not only have I cleaned up the US one, I have revamped the UK version and re-uploaded it (click here for new version).

The US version has the full 10 year financials, and doesn’t require any logins like the UK version. It has some bugs if you are looking at smaller companies, but it’s free so don’t complain!

Check out the instructions below and just click the icon to get the spreadsheet or the sample output.

Excel IconInfo Sheet-US.xls

Info sheet thumbnailSample.pdf

How to use(click to enlarge)

I’m still working on a Canadian version, it’s a work in progress. Any feedback on these spreadsheets is much appreciated. They are currently using data from websites which is all free, hence I’m giving all of my work away for free (these spreadsheets take quite a lot of development) but these free data sources do have their problems which frustrate me endlessly.

I’ve been enquiring with source data providers over the costs of getting access to the raw data feed, which will allow much more accurate and error free (hopefully!) spreadsheets. If it isn’t prohibitively expensive I may consider doing it and providing some more accurate spreadsheets for a small fee if anyone is interested.

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