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I do a lot of reading, if you want to be a successful investor then reading a lot is essential. Part of my reading is scouring blogs and websites for investment ideas. There are a large number of blogs I follow, but it is quite rare that they give me a good idea of an investment, I’m quite picky with investment choices and I’m sure other bloggers are the same. Afterall, value investing is all about having your own opinion and not following the crowd. However over the last couple of weeks I have read a number of interesting articles with some great investment opportunities and musings which I wanted to share.

Reminiscences of a Stock Blogger

I only recently found this blog but am impressed with the quality of the posts. One in particular on Vitran got me very interested in the company. I haven’t finished my own due diligence yet but it’s a possible future investment for me.

The Red Corner

Red did a great 2 part piece on a Singapore listed consumer goods company ConscienceFood (click to view Part 1 and Part 2). These posts struck me particularly I think because of my recent find in Singapore – Sino Grandness which has a lot of similarities to this company. Again I haven’t done my own due diligence but the opportunity looks very promising

The Aleph Blog

This post was actually a book review, but I found it very interesting about a managements focus on customer service and how this can lead to larger margins. Something to look out for particularly when analysing smaller companies that can be providing services with a specific focus.


This follow up post on Cisco’s latest earnings reminded me how important it is to not rely on headline financials. Apart from fraud, there are also slick accounting tricks that investors should be aware of and that can put you ahead of the market. That’s why my investment checklist explicitly checks things like accounts receivable but I should always remember to watch these things on a quarterly basis.

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