$WMT Walmart sold

$WMT Walmart sold

As I previously mentioned, I was aiming to get out of Walmart (NYSE:WMT) at around $75. Today after checking the price was $76 so I sold. I don’t believe this is a bad investment, I just believe it is at the top of my value estimate and I would rather have the cash for other more attractive opportunities.

I’ve sold for a profit of 30%, or roughly 22% annualised as I bought it at the end of 2011. Hardly stellar performance but it’s done pretty much as I expected.

Disclosure: WMT no position.

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2 Responses to $WMT Walmart sold

  1. Avatar Harigold says:

    WMT is a good long term buy and hold but agree, wont be producing 22% a year for the next few years at these prices

  2. Avatar Robert says:

    Walmart (WMT) and Target (TGT) are once again vying to gain the attention of shoppers through steep discounts, while Costco (COST) is committed to its employees and plans to stay closed on the day. Nonetheless, in the spirit of the holiday season Costco has inevitably started offering seasonal discounts since November 24 and plans to introduce more deals as Black Friday approaches.http://bit.ly/1b6w8Ul

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