The following is a list of stocks that I monitor. It’s a mix of interesting businesses and ones that I would like to buy at the right price. This is my opinion, not a recommendation.

LSE:JIMJarvis SecuritiesTarget share price of 135p
NASDAQ:EPAXAmbassadors Group
AKPS.OLAker Philadelphia Shipyard
NYSE:EMREmerson ElectricStrong free cash generation and stable returns
NASDAQ:STONStonemorAppears to have unsustainable dividends, considered shorting at $27.30
SGX:EPICEpicentre HoldingsShould see some recovery in earnings, but no barriers to entry in their market so I suspect earnings are permanently impaired. Currently valued at a P/E ratio of about 7.5 if earnings improve, am interested to see what happens though.
LSE:MECMecom GroupMedia company with declining business. Needs to dispose of divisions to pay down debt but may be interesting once debt issue resolved.
NYSE:PHHPHH CorpInteresting business but exposed to a risk in a decline in mortgage originations which could provide a much better buy price in the future.
NASDAQ:PLABPhotronicsHas frequently traded at a discount to tangible book but not a great buying opportunity currently.
NASDAQ:STRAStrayer EducationLike the business but revenues still in decline and no idea when they will stop so impossible to see profits going forward.
LSE:LRELancashire HoldingsA well run reinsurance company
NASDAQ:ARTWArt's Way ManufacturingAn ok business but a good management giving ROE of over 15%. Fairly priced but want a bargain price. Recent earnings showed weakness.
LSE:PAGParagon GroupWell run business that is a lower risk play than banks if the sector is ever undervalued.
LSE:IAEIthaca EnergyLow price to cash flow multiple. Waiting for a pullback
TSX:INAIona EnergyLow price to PV10 but not yet producing much cash flow. Wait until company has matured more.
ASX:BTNBallantyne StrongDecent business that has remained profitable with lots of cash on balance sheet. Cheap but not quite cheap enough, management may waste the money on an acquisition.
LSE:MURMurgitroyd GroupGood business with stable income. Fully valued at the moment but would be a good long term buy and hold.
SES:G0INam Lee Pressed MetalLooks cheap but earnings could fall further. Inventories and receivables don't look good.
LSE:GAWGames WorkshopStrong company with a large moat and plenty of free cash flow. Fair valuation at the moment but want a margin of safety.
NYSE:GENCGencor IndustriesTrading just below net cash with a profitable business attached. Wait for more margin of safety on the cash.
NYSE:JOYJoy GlobalMakes machinery to mine coal. Order book looks bad, although cheap would want to see some stabilisation in it, or a cheaper price. ($50)
NASDAQ:CLCTCollectors UniverseCompany with a strong competitive advantage but lumpy earnings which could create attractive entry points
HEL:MEO1VMetsoSpin off happening in January could present interesting special situation
NYSE:XRXXerox CorpFCF much higher than profits, earnings are also erratic so undervaluation likely at some point
NYSE:YAlleghanyWell run insurance company with 8% pa compound book growth
NASDAQ:CNRDConrad IndustriesWell run shipping business. Currently at cyclical highs but could be good opportunities in future downturns.
LSE:ASHMAshmore Well run asset manager focussing on Emerging Markets.
WBO:MBVMibaGood company but with large inside ownership, historically trades at low valuation so may be better entry point
ISE:KOCKoc HoldingsA good play on economic recovery in Turkey, grown book value by 16% p.a. since 2009, currency is at all time lows
SWZ:JFNJungfraubahn HoldingRuns a railway through Swiss Alps for tourists. Strong business to pick up in times of recession
TSE:RCLRidley IncStrong moat company, majority owned by Fairfax. Previous holding, value at $226-$311m.
LSE:ADMAdmiralUK P&C insurer with strong cost advantage and runs
OSL:BOUVETBouvetAn IT consultant growing EPS at 13% a year but a low P/E. Short term pressure on profits from competition in Oil & Gas industry
XSW:TIBNBergbahnen Engelberg-Truebsee-TitlisAnother Swiss railway
NYSE:JMGJournal Media GroupSpin off local newspaper group selling at low FCF yield. Fell to $8 after spin, selling at ~20% FCF yield.
AIM:CCTCharacter GroupSome competitive advantages, shares have run up a lot but historically traded at a P/E of around 5