is a website dedicated to investing with a value investment philosophy. To send a message please use the contact form.

Message from the founder

I have been investing for a number of years and created this website in order to contribute to the growing community of online value investors who share information and ideas.

The primary reason I launched this website and published the blog was for my own purposes. It acts as a database for research and opinions on specific investments which I can then return to at a later date. It also opens analysis to scrutiny which serves two further purposes. Firstly it forces me to be more thorough in my own analysis and arguments. Secondly it opens up those arguments to criticism and can help spot errors in thinking and help me avoid poor investments.

I am open about all my positions and investments on this site, and I hold no positions outside of those quoted on the Portfolio page. The point of this site is not to promote myself or build a reputation, it is to improve my own investing ability and share my thoughts with others and hopefully have active discussions.

I do not allow paid for articles or guest posts on the site so please do not request that I publish them. Nor do I accept requests for paid link sharing or referrals. The integrity of this website is of high importance to me and it only contains my honest opinions, which cannot be given when a financial incentive is involved.

I also have no interest in managing money for anyone other than myself, so again please do not message me requesting this as it will be declined. Investing for me is an enjoyable past time precisely because of the lack of external pressure and commitment. I will not give that up for any extra money I could make in management fees. To me it is simply not worth sacrificing the flexible work for the stress involved with being responsible for someone elses hard earned money.