Stock Reports now launched

Stock Reports now launched

In my previous post I requested beta testers for a new stock analysis spreadsheet and I’m pleased to announce that the testing has now finished and the final product is available.

The spreadsheet allows you to create a custom stock report, here is an example of what you can create with it. This report will update for any US stock you choose.Value-report-download

(click to download pdf)

Beyond the stock report there is a wealth of information in the spreadsheet itself. This includes:

  • Detailed historical financial statements
  • Valuation models and historical valuations such as P/E, EV/EBITDA, P/B
  • Competitor comparison

If you want to see exactly what is included then just download the sample and see for yourself, either the Excel version or Google Sheets version (no email or signup is required).

For those that prefer, there is also an instructional video which gives a demonstration of the full product


I have put a lot of thought into the price of this product, as it uses a professional data feed which is very expensive, but I also realise most investors don’t want/can’t afford to spend a large amount. So I have set an initial price of $10 per month for those signing up for 6 months, or $13 a month for those that want to pay month by month. I think this is very competitive with existing data providers, but also has far more customization available.

On top of that, use the discount code LAUNCH at the checkout and get your first month free. If you don’t like the product then you can cancel at any time.

Selling at such a cheap price though means I am relying heavily on getting enough investor interest to cover the costs. It leaves little in the way of money available for advertising the product so I will be wholly reliant on word of mouth and investors recommending or mentioning the product to friends. So I would ask anyone that does like the product and decides to use it, to not be shy about sharing a few stock reports and analysis with others. With enough subscribers I can keep the price low, but without enough I can’t cover the professional feed costs indefinitely.

Your thoughts?

I am very interested to hear what people think of this, especially if you are critical. There was a large amount of interest for the beta test but the difference between giving out a spreadsheet to play with and asking people to part with their hard earned cash is massive. If you’re not prepared to pay for this product then please let me know why, and whether there is anything I can do make this more suited to people like you.

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  1. Sam says:

    What is the source of the financial data?

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