Portfolio updates – buys and sells

Portfolio updates – buys and sells

I have made / will be making a few changes to my portfolio:

After contemplating my analysis of Apple (AAPL) a few days ago I have added it to my portfolio. I bought in at $451 per share.

I have also had a change of heart regarding Walmart (WMT), given its looking fully valued at around an 8% discount rate on future cash flows I have decided to exit this position. For a small investor like me I think higher rates of return are available. But I’ll sell at no less than $75.

I will also be reducing my position size in Tesco (TSCO) as it currently accounts for around 1/6 of my portfolio which I feel is too high. I bought it when I first started investing and had very few ideas and was keen to deploy cash. I won’t be noting the sale on my portfolio page but will be selling at a small profit. My opinion on its (under)valuation is unchanged, this is simply to reduce its dominance of my portfolio.

Overall my portfolio is now approximately 1/3 in cash which I am looking to deploy for good returns. This level of cash doesn’t reflect a view of the market, simply that I haven’t yet found enough places I want to put my money!

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